Internet-connected cortical organoids for project-based stem cell and neuroscience education

Published in eNeuro, 2023

Authors: Matthew AT Elliott, Hunter E Schweiger, Ash Robbins, Samira Vera-Choqqueccota, Drew Ehrlich, Sebastian Hernandez, Kateryna Voitiuk, Jinghui Geng, Jess L Sevetson, Cordero Core, Yohei M Rosen, Mircea Teodorescu, Nico O Wagner, David Haussler, Mohammed A Mostajo-Radji

Abstract: The introduction of Internet-connected technologies to the classroom has the potential to revolutionize STEM education by allowing students to perform experiments in complex models that are unattainable in traditional teaching laboratories. By connecting laboratory equipment to the cloud, we introduce students to experimentation in pluripotent stem cell (PSC)-derived cortical organoids in two different settings: using microscopy to monitor organoid growth in an introductory tissue culture course and using high-density (HD) multielectrode arrays (MEAs) to perform neuronal stimulation and recording in an advanced neuroscience mathematics course. We demonstrate that this approach develops interest in stem cell and neuroscience in the students of both courses. All together, we propose cloud technologies as an effective and scalable approach for complex project-based university training.

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